New church plant update

Here’s an update from Josh Kappes about the church plant that we are going to start this year. God is doing some great things, and Josh will be sharing more about it this Sunday at Providence.

God is continuing to bring things together for his church plant.  Ben and I went out last week to look at some potential meeting spaces for our large group gatherings when we launch the church.  At this point it looks like we have found the perfect spot.  When I say perfect I am not saying that “well it’s the best we can find for right now.”  I am saying, “I’m not sure if there is a better spot in the whole county for us to meet in and I am not sure why there is not another church using this location.”  It’s that good.  Not only is it the perfect building in a great location.  It is coming to us as significant savings.  God gave us favor with the owner and he has given us a very fair offer.  The building is already equipped with chairs, tables, projector, and screen…

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