There are no coincidences

There are no coincidences when God’s people pray.  Prayer is the common factor to every revival that the world has ever seen.  We’ve been on this journey as a church to rediscover what God intended His church to be, and as we study Scripture, we see that the power of God and the manifestation of His Holy Spirit always coincided with prayer.  Check out what happened in the book of Acts when the church first began:

1:24 – The disciples prayed before replacing Judas.
2:42 – The church was devoted to prayer and the teachings of Jesus, and people were added daily to the church.
3:1 – Peter and John were going up to the temple at the hour of prayer before another anointed sermon led thousands to accept Christ.
4:24-31 – The disciples and the church prayed after threats for boldness and the place began to shake.
6:1-6 – The disciples elevated prayer to one of the most important responsibilities as leaders of the church. They chose men (deacons) to helps serve widows and then prayerfully dedicated the seven deacons.
7:59-60 – Stephen prayed as he was being killed for his faith.
9:11 – Saul (Paul) prayed for 3 days after his Damascus road encounter with Jesus.
10:1-2 – Cornelius was praying to God when God told him to go get Peter.
10:9 – Peter was praying on the rooftop of a house in Joppa when God revealed that the gospel of the kingdom was for Gentiles.
12:5 – Peter is in jail and the church prayed earnestly for his release and God delivers him.
13:3 – Saul and Barnabas are set apart and sent out as the first missionaries from the church at  Antioch during and through prayer.   The church explodes and the gospel turns the world upside down.
That’s some pretty amazing stuff.  We can’t expect the church to look like the church of Acts if we don’t pray like the church of Acts.  God uses prayer to do powerful things.  Over the last month, the elders and I have been praying like we’ve never prayed before.  We committed to pray for 5 requests everyday.  As a result of praying for these 5 things, we’ve started to see God move in mighty ways already in our church.  Here’s what the 5 things were:
1. We are praying for God’s favor and for His glory to be manifested in our church as we plant a church and bring orphans into our homes this year.
2. We are praying for each other.
3. We are praying for people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
4. We are praying for financial provision for the church plant and for families who are bring home orphans.
5. We are praying for God to expose any sin that may be keeping His full blessing from us.
I could spend a few thousand words sharing how God has already been answering these prayers of ours, but I wanted to share them with you, so that you will pray.  I’m inviting you to lift up these 5 simple requests every single day.  I can’t even imagine what our church would look like if we all prayed fervently for these 5 things.  I hope you will commit to this with us, and may the glory of God be manifested like it should in His church.

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