Dedicate your temple

Church, we are in a season of prayer, and that prayer is changing things. Do you feel the wave of power slowly building in and around us? When God’s people pray, the supernatural will be the result. We’ve seen God take our people around the globe, feed and clothe the poor, drill wells, raise 10’s of thousands of dollars, adopt orphans, and it’s only the beginning. What will continually bring God’s blessing and power, and make mountains move with things like Love Denver and the Gospel Life Church plant? Humble desperate prayer. I write this article because it’s what my spirit is dealing with.  I must to be more prayer-filled, prayer-powered, prayer-focused, and prayer-dependant. I must learn to dedicate my temple with all that I am to the Lord in sacrifice and surrender til nothing is left of my puny, selfish desires.

Lying within 2 Chronicles 6 is recorded one of the greatest and most heartfelt prayers ever prayed in the Bible. I think it is a beautiful picture of the way we should respond in the temple where God now dwells; our hearts. From verses 14 to 42 King Solomon cries out to God in a prayer of dedication for the new temple. Please take a moment to grab the Word and read this incredible prayer.

Although this was mainly a prayer of dedication, I believe it was more. When you look at how he wraps up his prayer, “And now O Lord, arise and enter this resting place of Yours…”.  It shows you that Solomon was asking for God Himself to fill the temple with His presence, glory, and power. And God did just that.  He heard and he answered Solomon’s prayer, and with fire and flashing light He filled the temple in all His glory. After Solomon dedicated the temple, and after the celebration was over, the Lord answered Solomon in chapter 7. “I may shut off the rain for a time, and I may send plagues upon you and your people, but if My people called by My name will humble themselves, seek my face, and repent I will heal their land and forgive their sins.”  Then about the temple God promises, “I will hear every prayer made in this place, I have chosen this temple and set it apart to be my home forever. My eyes and My heart will always be here.” 

How awesome would it be if this were the daily cry of worshippers everywhere? When is the last time you woke up and immediately dedicated yourself as the Lord’s temple, which is your heart and body, to his purpose and glory for that day? As God promised Solomon, there will be times in our race for him where there will be no rain, or times when we’ll be plagued with the pressures of life and ministry. But if we will be faithful to always call upon Him first, humbling ourselves, admitting our need of Him, He will always deliver, restore, and strengthen us. Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer is the interruption of personal ambition.” Don’t ever forget the power of pure, humble prayer. If you truly desire for God to bless you and your homes, drop your personal ambitions and pray! Ask Him to arise, enter, and fill your heart with his presence, and He will do it. I’m learning this even now. It is incredible that God promises this, “I will hear every prayer made in this place, I have chosen this temple and set it apart to be my home forever. My eyes and My heart will always be here,” to every believer who will just humble themselves and pray. From the depths of my heart you can be assured, that’s what I want!

Let Him Enter,


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