God made a farmer

There was a golden nugget amidst all the mediocrity of the Super Bowl commercials yesterday: the Dodge/Ram commercial with Paul Harvey.  It was truly special, even if the idea came from a video already on youtube.  There was something in that 2 minute dialogue with still photography that stirred my soul…and I’m not even a farmer.  That commercial showed that in a sea of ads that try to appeal to the flesh, when something arouses our soul, there is no substitute.

This ad gave me incredible hope last night.  It showed me that even though we live in a fallen world, where it feels like the “fallenness” is getting worse every day, all mankind craves purpose and mission from their Creator.  This internal craving is hardwired in us, even though, by nature, as sinners, we suppress its longing.  Take hope this morning that you will have the opportunity to direct conversations and the water cooler buzz with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to the gospel because of this commercial.  Those opportunities are rare and valuable.  Don’t miss out on it.

Finally, remember this: God didn’t just make farmers.  He made moms and dads; engineers and managers; entrepreneurs and skilled laborers.  You may not drive a Ram truck or ever plant a seed in the ground, but you are still made with purpose.  In fact, we were all made with a certain skill set that God wants to use to glorify Himself in this world.  You may not ever be a farmer, but you are redeemed by Jesus’ blood; you are adopted into the family of God; and you are called to make disciples.  That identity never changes.

For those of you who missed out on the commercial last night.  Here it is:

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