One thing you can do today that God can’t.

The theologian in me wants to explain the title a little more, but the reality is that there are many things that we can do that God can’t and they pretty much all relate back to sin.

I was thinking this morning about how this one simple act can change the direction of your day. It can help heal what is broken and it can build upon the ruins of disharmony.

This simple act that I’m talking about is apologizing.

Isn’t it amazing sometimes how powerful the two words “I’m sorry” can be?

Chances are that in your family, in your marriage, and in your workplace, there’s an opportunity for you to show humility and repentance and say “I’m sorry” to someone.

Don’t focus on what others have done. Recognize your responsibility in the situation and apologize. Don’t let pride rob you today of growing in love towards one another.

Now go do it.

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