My son prayed for $100,000 last night and I hope he gets it.

Last night, as our family was doing our regular bedtime routine of stories and prayers, I asked my oldest to give the final prayer for our family.  We have a list of things that we usually pray for, and he proceeded to pray for all of those things.  My kids have picked up on some of the things I routinely pray for, so he mentioned some of those as well.  Then my son threw a curveball into his prayer last night and prayed for 100 grand.  Now before you jump to conclusions, I have to explain why and who it was for.

Yesterday during our Sunday gathering, if you were there, you know I mentioned the 539444_242466675871887_1606113187_nUganda missions trip that our church is going on, as well as, an offering that we are going to take to help with the completion of the baby’s home.  In passing, I mentioned that they needed $100,000 to complete the 5,000 sq. ft. orphanage and medical clinic (our church and another in Nebraska have a very good relationship with Ken and Cathy Nganda and their amazing ministry to orphans in Uganda).  My son, who heard about this need in church yesterday, decided to start praying for the $100,000 for the orphanage.

At first I was proud that my son was not only listening in church, but also had enough compassion and faith to bring this before our Heavenly Father.  I was then confronted with the reality that I had not thought of praying for this need sooner.  I wrestled with this and realized how numb I have become about the needs around me.  I hear about families and marriages that are hurting.  I hear about missions needs and orphan needs, and because it’s all too big for me and overwhelming to really contemplate, I start to become numb to it all.  And what I realized was this numbness was leading to prayerlessness.

Have you found yourself feeling numb to the needs and hurts around you?

I need to rediscover the childlike faith displayed by my son last night.  He simply heard of a need, a need that’s too big for him to really do anything about, but he responded by taking this big need to the One who can something about it.

What if we all started to pray like this?  What if our first response and our continual response was prayer to the needs around us?  There’s something too big for all of us today that we are facing.  How will we respond?

I hope that my son keeps praying for $100,000.  I know I need to as well.


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