Disciple: it’s who we are, it’s what we do

Disciple: it’s who we are, it’s what we do.

Every year since 2010, our church has had a yearly theme that drives our teaching and ministries. The simple vision of our church since the beginning has been to spread God’s fame by multiplying disciples of Jesus and multiplying churches in our community and around the world. As we put our fingers on the pulse of our church body this year, we knew that a huge step we needed to take was to develop disciples who would make disciples that would make disciples. The final words of Jesus before He left earth still ring true for us today almost 2,000 years later: go make disciples.

We need to remember that the most important things for a church family are the most simple things. We can never move away or forget the simple, yet life-altering command by Jesus to go make disciples of him. Being a disciple means that you are following Jesus, but our idea of what it means to follow Jesus is incomplete if we don’t make disciple-making a huge part of that. He wants his disciples to be disciple makers. He wants his followers to help others follow him.

Isn’t it amazing how a local church family can hold Sunday services, have a praise band, develop a great kid’s program, have a podcast with all their sermons, hold fellowship meals, and do a bunch of other churchy stuff, yet neglect to make disciples?

We don’t want to be that kind of church. It’s our desire that we become a church that doesn’t just do churchy stuff for Christians, but that we are a force in our community that are scattering the seeds of the gospel to every man, woman, and child we come into contact with. When all of us begin to own the powerful command of Christ, it will ignite a multiplication movement of God that can and will transform a community.

But before we can think big, we have to think small. I don’t need to worry about the 35,000 people that are within our community. I just need to see the people around me. I need to see my children that need spiritual direction and instruction. I need to see the couple that lives across the street from me that seems to have everything, but they don’t have Jesus. I need to see the couple that lives across the street from me that seems to have everything, but they don’t have Jesus.  I need to see the guy working in my office that thinks his good works are a better substitute than the cross.  I need to see the student in my class that is hurting and doesn’t know how to find healing.  I need to see the mom who feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to find rest.

So this is the direction of our church this year.  We want to help every person and every family within our church community become disciples who make disciples.  It’s a great undertaking, and one that cannot happen without prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit.

Over the next couple days, I’ll be posting some additional thoughts about our theme “disciple”.  I want to leave you with one question to meditate over before our next post:  Who is following Jesus because you are?

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